Driving is about having fun is it not? We have been privileged to drive some of the most impressive cars around and today is no different. Mini just sent us a car that provides possibly the most fun you can have! Here is the JCW.

This is, of course, the JCW standing for John Cooper Works – John Cooper along with his father, Charles Cooper founded the Cooper Car Company in December of 1947. They began by building racing cars in Charles’s small garage in Surrey, England. Now in 2017, Plant Oxford is producing hundreds a day and every one of them is practically sold before it leaves the line. With a popular, iconic stance the car is already admirable but the JCW is at the top of the range in terms of performance and you will know it when you see it.

The 2.0 litre 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine this car carries, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face no matter the weather. It has a complete aerodynamic package and will shoot from 0-60 in 6 seconds with 228bhp. Secondly, it goes round corners as if its on rails and stops promptly with its 4 piston fixed caliper brakes and sporty chassis. Mini created a car here that is advanced in its performance output and also its practicality for its size and weight (1205kg). This example featured the 6-Speed manual gearbox, which is absolutely perfect. It feels natural to use and beautiful to work with during all types of driving activities. Driving this car with a manual box also creates that purist feeling of controlling everything the car is doing and more importantly, feeling it. Other notable features on the JCW include the rear spoiler and the sports suspension.


Inside you have comfortable seating with alcantara finishes and a sleek set of easily accessible controls. There is a spacious interior with a large central control screen. Nice and easy. From here you can configure the vehicle and control all of the infotainment. There is a unique lighting panel around this display to indicate parameters for your controls visually. This is a great touch and very stylistic. This leads me to highlight how pure the car is. It is without doubt a drivers car and it encourages you to enjoy every time you take it out. With a limited run and not many of these out on the roads, you really feel the attention gravitate towards the car. They also hear you!


Exterior design is sharp and aggressive. It almost instantly lets you know that it certainly isn’t your usual Mini Cooper. No, this is something far different. The large air intakes on the front aero bumper and the bright brake callipers take your glance all the way around to the back where the central exhaust system with huge pipes and a rear spoiler completes the look. To top that you have racing stripes contrasting your body colour and black alloy wheels. Not a bad looking thing we must say.

Driving this car is a feeling we would urge you to discover, and for those track days, it’s also a blast. We took it around Goodwood circuit here in the UK and my, was that some fun! The car is a great all around drivers package and the performance is surprising. What I have to credit most is the enjoyment you will get time and time again from driving the JCW. Extremely satisfied.