There are people who call the Mini Cooper a “women's car” and think that any man who is driving one is gayer than Rupert Everett. However, the more sophisticated among us recognise the Mini Cooper as an awesome hot hatch with real racing heritage.

5. They handle like a Go-Karts

Everyone knows it, here's not a car journalist who hasn't compared the Mini Cooper to a go-kart. Small, Fast and agile as hell. This is especially tne case with the older ones.

4. The Italian Job

Not only did Minis appear in not just one Italian Job, but all of them. Whether it's the original Minis or the newer ones in the remake, it's always cool to drive a car from a classic movie chase scene.

3. BMW Engineering Without The BMW Price

Yes, the Mini can get a bit expensive if one starts ticking all the option boxes, but for the cost, it offers some great engineering. It has great transmissions, peppy engines, good balance, and a very efficient drive-train. It feels like a BMW on the road, without feeling like a BMW in the wallet.

2. Its Motorsport Heritage

The Mini draws strongly on the original Mini, which is a motorsport icon. Not only does it have that classic, “gentleman's racer” heritage behind it, but Mini has teamed up with Prodrive to start competing in the World Rally Championship.

1. Customisation

It's really easy to spend too much money on what would otherwise be a reasonably priced car by going crazy with the aesthetic options for the Mini. But a bit of restraint can get you a cool car that really stands out. Between the options for bonnet stripes, roof colors, roof strips, mirror caps, wheels, seat colors and materials, and interior trims, mod kist, the options are endless.



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