Union Jack Taillights - R56 R57 R58 R59


IMPORTANT - This product is not the same for LCI Models and pre LCI models. Read the tab below if you are not sure which lights to choose.

Now available and IN STOCK in red or grey

These are to fit the following models: 

R56 R57 R58 R59 2007-2013 

Black/Grey/White tinted when turned off, red flag will come in as soon as the car is powered, irrelevant of the sidelights being on or off.

Red flag lights up with the sidelights

Flag becomes brighter with the brakes

Sequential indicators

Plug and play, no error codes 


Available for R56 LCI models 2010-2013 and Pre-Lci models 2007-2010. Check the next tab if you are unsure. Also available for F series Mini 2013 to present, please click here >>>


Make sure you order the correct product for your Mini

Mini R56 LCI models are from 2010-2013 and Pre-Lci models from 2007-2010

The difference in the tail lights for these two models is the reversing lights.

Pre LCI models have the reversing lights set into the tail light cluster.

LCI models have a separate reversing light built into the rear bumper, either in the centre for a Cooper or on each side for a Cooper S.

If you are not sure which to order please send us a photo of your Mini back bumper.

Advice and tips on how to fit this product.

R56 models - Dead easy, just remove the existing tail light cluster and replace it with these unique Union Jack tail lights. No wiring to do, no error codes, just Plug and Play.

Below is a video of our lead mechanic Jack fitting these lights.

F56 models - Please see separate product by clicking here >>>

What tools do I need?
To Fit these lights you will need the following tools:
A plastic pry tool (You can use a large flat head screwdriver, if so be careful not to scratch your lights)
A Torx T20 screwdriver.

Can I fit these myself or will I need to go to a garage?
Yes these lights are very easy to install. You only need 2 tools.
Check out the fitting guide tab for a video of Jack fitting these lights.

Can you fit them for me?
Absolutely, If you live near to our workshop in Chichetser, West Sussex please contact us by phone or email to arrange a date to come down to have these installed.
Our address is:
Unit 20
Church Farm, Bosham
PO188EX Chichester
West Sussex
Email: Jack@mwuk.uk
Phone: 07535 626014

Do they have a E/F(Entwicklung) number ?

The Union Jack lights do not have an E number. We have sold lots of these to Germany, most people choose the Red option so that if you have a control they don't notice them. The grey/black ones are much more noticeable as they look quite different.

Do the Union Jack lights fit a Countryman R60?
Unfortunately the Union Jack lights are not yet available for the Countryman.

Does NON LCI mean Pre-LCI?
Non LCI and Pre-LCI mean the same thing.

Can I return them if my local garage can’t fit them?
Yes you Can. However these lights are really easy to fit yourself, you only need two tools.
Check out the fitting guide tab for a video of Jack fitting these lights.

I assume these are not original Mini parts, but your own?
That is correct, these are not original Mini parts.

Will these tail lights fit in a Mini Roadster Cooper year 2012-2014?
Yes, the tail lights will fit the Mini Roadster. You will need to select the the 2010-2013 LCI model. We offer them in Red and Gray/Black.

Does the turn signal lights up yellow or red?
All our union jack lights have orange LED sequential indicators(turn signals).

When I click 1 as the quantity I presume this is for a set as in 2?
Yes, we only sell these lights in sets.

General information which may be helpful

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