Plain Vinyl Sunstrip



A plain colour vinyl sunstrip. For all models of MINI's except for Paceman and Countryman our Sun Strips are made out of high-quality blackout vinyl, these sun strips will keep the sun out your eyes to let you concentrate on enjoying your mini while giving your mini some extra style.

You will receive a colour sunstrip in the colour of your choice, this will need to be applied with a mist of water on the windscreen and on the sticky side to make it easier. You will have to place the sun strip on the car and cut around the top of the windscreen once placed and all the water removed with a sponge.



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1. Thoroughly clean the windscreen to remove all dirt, grit and grease with soap and water.
2. Measure down from each side of the top of the screen and apply a little masking tape, to mark the same length at each side of the windscreen. This will help ensure the strip is applied 'straight'
3. Spray the outside of the windscreen with a thin layer of soapy water.
4. Remove backing paper from the sun strip and apply a thin smearing of soapy water to that too!
5. Apply sun strip to the windscreen leaving the excess at the sides and top. The soapy water will allow movement of the strip to ensure that its placed centrally.
6. Squeeze out excess water and air bubbles from under the strip, the side of a credit card is a handy tool for this (one with smooth edges, if in doubt wrapping it in a sock should stop it scratching the vinyl). Pin prick any bubbles that won't go away and press flat.
7. Trim off excess vinyl very carefully with a sharp blade.
8. When it is fitted and you are happy, it is essential to leave it to dry completely before driving off or using the wipers. A hairdryer or heat gun can be useful here ‐ if it isn't dry it won’t stick properly and could fly off or tear!!!

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