Head turning, custom built Mini Cooper packed with MW-UK unique styling and performance modifications. MW-UK Special Edition cars are built to order and incorporate personalised exterior body styling, enhanced performance upgrades, improved handling and suspension geometry and custom interior equipment and trim.

MW-UK Custom Mini's are built to the exacting specification shown below incorporating unique exterior body styling, enhanced performance upgrades, improved handling and suspension geometry and custom interior equipment and trim. 

Each car is built to order and can be personalised to suit your exact taste and budget.
This range of MW-UK Special Edition Mini's uses low mileage, pre owned late Mini R56 LCI models as the base car. Each car is thoroughly checked, serviced and worn parts are replaced before customisation begins. MW-UK re-engineer the already iconic Mini adding performance enhancements and a range of styling modifications to make it the absolute best it can be.
The result is a unique 'Special Edition' personalised Mini offering all the fun and excitement you expect from a Mini coupled with elegant MW-UK styling and solid engineering performance.
No expense is spared in building a completely unique Mini from the engine and running gear to the very smallest of details. Prices of our Special Edition cars are dictated by the age and mileage of the base car chosen. This allows customers to have some influence over the overall cost of a completed, personalised MW-UK Special Edition car. 

Our team is on hand to advise and guide you through the process of specifying your ultimate, personalised 'MW-UK Special Edition' Mini.

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