Direct Port injection Methanol kit - Gen2


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After months of researching and hours of testing, the direct port meth kit system for your R56 MINI is now available!    

This direct port kit delivers perfectly balanced octane benefits to each cylinder allowing you to SAFETLY run more boost and advanced ignition timing, as well as keeping your intake valves clean form those nasty carbon deposits from this direct injection engine.

If your engine is equipped with a bigger turbo, or if you are on the ragged edge with a small overboosted oem “S’ or “JCW” turbo you’ll realize serious gains. Turn up your boost and advance ignition timing with supreme confidence. Run a 100 octane file on even weak 91 octane gasoline.

This is the same kit used in an R56 with a complete BONE STOCK long block internals and a big turbo stage 3 set up.

Base Kit Includes:

1x intake manifold adapter plate/gasket/hardware                                                                                                                  1x direct port block with 3/16″ (4.75mm) compression fittings
4x nozzle holders with 3/16″ (4.75mm) compression fittings
1x 1/4″ (6.35mm) feed compression fitting
4x nozzles
4x (feet) 3/16″ (4.75mm) high pressure line
1x solenoid                                                                      1x check valve

Aditional boost switch (For running 5 nozzles)

The Boost Switch this is used when running 5 nozzles, the Methanol controller will trigger the post intercooler nozzle while the boost switch triggers the direct port.

The direct port injection kit takes the main feed line from your AEM/Snow/Devils pump, up to the direct port.

From the direct port, they're then fed into the 4 ports on the billet adaptor plate.

This kit has a check valve integrated which will stop the fluid to keep passing through and dumping into the intercooler when the system is off.

This way it's dry and only sprayed when the solenoid activates it.

So say you're peak boost is 22psi, it will start sprayingt around 16psi. We don't spray at low psi as it will soak the intake so only on the higher boost pressures does it start spraying, which is where you need the extra octane due to lack of timing before it goes into detonation.

We can also offer a 5th injector to spray right after air passes through the intercooler to drastically reduce intake temps. Other installs show it as being sprayed close to the throttle body but our experience tells us that this is a bad idea due to possible throttle sensor damage.

We can't give specifics on the nozels themselves but these are custom nozels and have been tried and tested to ensure the best setup.

For people chasing bigger power setups with the nozels we have supplied, the kit is good for 320whp / 367bhp so more than enough for most builds.

*** This exact kit is now unavailable but we have many other options - please contact us for more information


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