Gen 2 Mini - Billet intake manifold - N14 / N18



Introducing the Mini Gen 2 Billet Intake Manifold – a precision-engineered masterpiece!
Increase your Mini's performance to new heights with this high-quality, custom-crafted intake manifold.

Unleash the full potential of your Mini's engine with improved airflow and optimized performance. The carefully engineered design enhances air distribution, promoting better combustion for increased power and torque. Experience a responsive throttle and a noticeable boost in overall driving dynamics.

Performance billet aluminum intake manifold designed for the Gen 2 N14 and N18 engines. 


  1. Material: Billet aluminum, CNC machined for perfect flow and fitment.
  2. Gaskets: High-quality Teflon gaskets for the throttle body, manifold, and joining sections.
  3. Extras: Provided with extra vacuum/boost nipples of various sizes and bungs.
  4. Flow Testing: Flow tested to 100psi.
  5. Design: Centerfeed design that fits without modifications.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Removal of Old Manifold:

    • There is a hidden bolt below the manifold requiring a 10mm extension.
    • 13mm nuts for the 5 manifold bolts.
    • Unhook the two electrical connectors fromthe brackets and the PCV pipe from the valve cover.
    • There is another breather attached to the right hand side of the manifold that needs disconnecting, same kind of clip as the OCV hose.
    • Disconnect the throttle body and remove the manifold. 
  2. Installation:

    • You will need the 2 large nipple fittings for the PCV breather and the fuel breather - the two hard lines that use push fit connectors need to be cut and replaced with a silicone hose
    • We recommend 1 boost nipple tap instead of having the sandwich plate on the sensor.
    • You will be left with 2 spare ports for customization that can be plugged or used.
    • Make sure you check and tighten all bolts around the manifold before fitting ! 
  3. New throttle body location:

    • The throttle body will now be relocated below the manifold so an extra hose and tube will be needed to mount up to your existing setup. 

    Order Information:

    • Custom manufactured to order with a 3-4 week manufacturing time.

    Color Options:

    • Comes in a natural silver finish but can be painted in various solid colors (red, blue, black, green, gold). Please add colour choice to the notes section.

    If you have any specific questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know or discuss about this performance intake manifold, feel free to ask!

    Not just a functional upgrade, this intake manifold also adds a touch of style to your Mini engine bay. The sleek billet aluminum finish exudes a premium look, making a visual statement that complements the enhanced performance under the hood.

    Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Elevate your Mini driving experience with the Mini Gen 2 Billet Intake Manifold from MW UK – where precision meets performance. Order yours today and redefine what's possible with your Mini. Drive with confidence, drive with MW UK.

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