Belt Line De-chrome kit



If you want to get rid of the Chrome trim around your windows, use this simple yet effective product. Available for ALL Mini models.

The kit comes in pre-cut sections and instructions for fitting to your car. 

High quality vinyl, available is gloss/matt black or carbon look.

Very easy to fit, make sure you clean the surface of any dirt to ensure the vinyl sticks to your belt line properly. Use a heat gun or hairdryer for ease of installation.


Ensure that you clean the area you are applying the belt line to, ideally with the alcohol-based product supplied.

It is important that the area you are applying the vinyl to is dirt, grease and water free especially at the ends of the trim where dirt sometimes collects. There is a risk of peeling from the end sections if the surface isn’t prepped properly before applying. In cold weather your chrome trim will have moisture on the trim so it is really important that you heat up the chrome section to remove the moisture before applying the tape.

The Strips are laser cut to size for the Mini model selected.

Start with a small section, peel back the tape and overlap it so you don’t touch the ends, rub down the vinyl with your thumb (see photos), pressing the vinyl in at the top and at the ends with your nail helps too. Use your thumb nail to crease the vinyl tape into the edge. Only do this when you are happy with the fit it and you have no bubbles.

Once you get to the end, overlap the vinyl over the end of the belt line (see photo), fold the vinyl into the edge of the trim with your nail once you are happy that its tucked in, use the cutting tool to get a nice cut to the edge!

If you can add heat to the tape whilst applying it, it will help the glue stick, pay attention to the ends. You will not need a lot of heat if the weather is warm. The vinyl may come across as flimsy but that is the nature of the vinyl because it is a supreme wrapping film.

Please be careful not to stretch the tape too much please take your time, if you do stretch it slightly apply a bit of heat and it should go back.

Continue with each section of the trim. Take your time; patience is the key to a getting a good fit. If you get a bubble just lift the vinyl back up and re apply it a cm at a time until each bit fits perfectly.

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