Add a product for sale listing

If you have a product or service that you would like to promote on this web platform please contact us by email with details of your item together with pricing and photos.

We will access the suitability of your product and arrange for a listing to be created.

If you think your item should be listed in a collection that is not shown in the collection list please suggest a collection title and we will create it.

Add a MINI for sale listing

If you want to list a Mini for sale please provide a full description including the age and mileage of the car. Mini's for sale can ONLY be listed in our 'Showroom' collection.

Feature your products

Listings can be promoted across the MWuk platform to increase their exposure. Please contact us for full details and price plans.

MW-UK Facebook Shop

All listings on the MWuk marketplace are automatically synced with our Facebook page shop giving sellers products additional exposure for free. Have a look and like our Facebook page.


We recommend that sellers offer FREE SHIPPING on all products. Customers would rather see a slightly higher price for the product to reflect shipping costs than have to wait until check out to find out what shipping costs will be.

Sellers will find it less complicated to add a reasonable shipping cost into the product than trying to calculate product weights and shipping rates.