Ultimate R60 Off Road package


Make your Mini 4x4 unique with this stylish, adventure lift kit.
Product overview

Turn your Gen 2 Countryman or Paceman into an Ultimate Adventure Motoring Machine. This Ultimate M7Speed Kit includes everything you need to easily convert the Gen 2 Countryman-Paceman into a 2" lifted urban assault vehicle or weekend adventure machine.


The Ultimate Adventure Kit includes

  • 2" (50mm) lift kit with a high strength hardware kit.
  • 1 pair MAXX-G adjustable front sway bar links
  • 1 pair MAXX-G adjustable rear sway bar links
  • 1 MAXX-G solid rear sway bar (choice of 19mm, 22mm or 25mm diameter)
  • 4 MAXX-G Adjustable Heavy Duty Rear Camber Links (for upper and lower replacement of the weak factory links)
  • 1 Monster Strut Tower Brace.
  • 1 M7 Aluminum Skid Plate Kit
  • 1 M7 Bull Bar Kit
  • 1 M7 Swing-Away Bolt-On Rear Tire Carrier 



Looking to add additional road clearance to your R60 Countryman or R61 Paceman?
  • Engineered using 3D modeling software and finite element stress analysis ensuring proper fitment and safe performance.
  • Precision CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum blocks.
  • Light weight design
  • Gold anodized for corrosion protection and a beautiful appearance.
  • Designed for easy bolt-on installation
  • Comes complete with all new high strength hardware and installation instructions

Lift Kit Includes

  • Front
    • Two Front Riser Blocks
    • Six high strength Grade 8 M8x1.25 studs pre-installed.
    • Six high strength Grade 8 self-locking nuts
    • Weight: 1.9 pounds per rise block
  • Rear
    • Two Rear Rise Blocks
    • Four proper length high strength Grade 8 bolts
    • Weight: 2.8 pounds per rise block


Add more cornering performance, bind free suspension travel, better suspension alignment and overall chassis balance to your MINI. The MAXX-G adjustable swaybar endlinks manufactured by M7 Speed feature sealed and permanently lubricated forged steel ball stud & socket ends for easy installation. A military grade aluminum adjuster sleeve with opposing RH & LH threads to make length adjustments a simple task. 


The MAXX-G rear sway bar is made from high strength alloy steel for a lifetime of rough road and high performance service.  The 3 position adjustable rear sway bar allows you to fine tune the driving balance to your particular liking.  Each bar is powder coated for corrosion protection and comes complete with polyurethane bushings, bushing brackets and 90-degree zerk fittings for easy lubrication. Available in 19mm, 22mm & 25mm diameters. Unlike other similar products that are made "offshore" with inferior materials and questionable workmanship all MAXX-G sway bars are Made in the USA from high quality steel and strict quality control standard.

MONSTER Strut Tower Brace Kit

Introducing the M7 Speed MONSTER Strut Tower Brace kit for the R60/R61 Countryman and Paceman. The design is based on our very successful R56 "J-Brace" but taken to the next level. Manufactured from solid aluminum bar and plate. If you want to add handling performance, driving excitement and serious off-road strength to the heavier Countryman platform this is a MUST-HAVE kit!

The strut tower plates are made from 12 mm thick aircraft grade billet aluminum and precision CNC contour machined to fit exactly on top of the factory Mini Cooper towers. This design incorporates M7's exclusive and proven Strut Reinforcement Plate (SRP) technology dramatically strengthening the marginal factory sheet metal towers.

The support bar is bigger and stronger than anything available on the market. Also made from aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminum; it measures 2"(50mm) wide and 9/16"(15mm) thick.....an absolute MONSTER! A full 25% larger than the R56 Brace!

Following a longstanding tradition of all M7 products, our new strut tower brace kit is beautifully styled and finished in a 100% matte black hard anodize coating to protect it from corrosion and provide long lasting great looks. This is a WOW! addition to your car. So if you plan on some "off-road" trips or spirited driving through the canyon roads you will most definitely need to add the M7 Speed MONSTER BAR. It is designed for style, form and function.  East to install. 6 nuts and 4 bolts and it is on. Includes all hardware and a metric hex wrench for easy assembly

Heavy Duty Skid Plate | R60 Countryman & R61 Paceman

The M7 Speed designed and manufactured skid plate for the 2011-2016 Generation 2 R60 Countryman & R61 Paceman is a functional work of art. It is CAD designed and CNC computer laser cut in the USA from 3/16" (4.8 mm) thick military grade aluminum plate.

MINI Cooper engine & transmission oil pans are made of very thin sheet metal and plastic that is easily cracked or punctured by most any object they come in contact with. Things such as on-highway road debris, manhole covers and speed bumps or off-highway stones, rocks & tree stumps. While your MINI may be at stock height, lifted or lowered there is only small amount of clearance between the ground and your oil pans.


Made in one piece from 5052 military grade aluminum, 0.13 inch thick (3mm)
Computer designed & CNC manufactured in the USA for a perfect fit.
Direct bolt-on installation – mounts to existing holes in your sub-frame and undercarriage.
TIG welded stiffening flanges along the side edges are incorporated into the design for vibration free operation.
Cooling vents are provided to enhance underhood air flow and improve cooling.
Smooth, raw aluminum finish.
Easy oil drain plug access. Skid plate removal not required for oil change service.
Less than 60 minutes to install using simple hand tools.
Includes all installation hardware and necessary mounts.
Made to fit with the M7 Speed Bull Bar Kit 


Protects your MINI’s oil pan, a/c pump, radiator, transmission, suspension and sub-frame from expensive damage.
Installation requires no drilling, cutting, welding or other modifications required to your car.
Will never rust.
Provides the maximum amount of ground clearance while still protecting critical undercarriage components.
Increases front downforce for improved moderate to high speed handling on lowered cars running close to the ground.
Includes 1 cut, formed and TIG welded skid plate, hardware kit and necessary mounts.

M7 MAXX-G Adjustable Rear Control Arms MINI Cooper R60

MAXX-G Adjustable Suspension Links add bind free travel and easy camber adjustment to the rear suspension of any MINI. They feature a solid aluminium 1" hex adjuster sleeve with opposing 3/4" left hand & right hand threads at each end for easy camber adjustment. Our exclusive Hybrid Polymer MonoBall (HPMB) link end is an industry first. There is nothing else on the market like it. This proprietary design performs like a rod end giving bind free suspension movement but acts like a urethane bushing isolating road vibrations and providing long service life.

Rod ends (aka: hiem ends, monoballs, etc) are great on race cars where performance is key and service life is not even considered. Urethane bushings are much better than OEM rubber bushings but do not provide adequate angular movement to optimise suspension travel and grip. The MAXX-G Adjustable Camber Links with HPMB joints add grip, adjustability, are made for daily driving and are rebuildable.

This 2 link kit is made to replace the lower factory camber links. Makes camber adjustments easy for lowered MINIs or when tuning for MAXX-GRIP on Autocross Saturday.


Adds cornering performance, bind free suspension travel, better suspension alignment and adjustability to any performance built MINI.
Industry First “Hybrid Polymer MonoBall” (HPMB) link ends. A MAXX-G Performance Suspension exclusive
Combines the best features of both monoball rod ends and urethane bushings.
Offers bind-free high angular misalignment with quiet “click-fee” operation.
Forged alloy steel main housing incorporating a hardened steel monoball riding in a vibration dampening & sealed polymer race.
Serviceable, rebuildable & greasable.
Military grade 6061-T6 aluminium adjuster sleeve with opposing ¾” diameter RH & LH threads
Easy length adjustments for correcting rear camber settings

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Ultimate R60 Off Road lift kit customised Mini Countryman and Paceman from M7 Speed UK dealer MW-UK

Ultimate R60 Off Road lift kit customised Mini Countryman and Paceman from M7 Speed UK dealer MW-UK

Ultimate R60 Off Road lift kit customised Mini Countryman and Paceman from M7 Speed UK dealer MW-UK

Ultimate R60 Off Road lift kit customised Mini Countryman and Paceman from M7 Speed UK dealer MW-UK

Ultimate R60 Off Road lift kit customised Mini Countryman and Paceman from M7 Speed UK dealer MW-UK

Ultimate R60 Off Road lift kit customised Mini Countryman and Paceman from M7 Speed UK dealer MW-UK


This package is eligible for finance to buyers in the UK. Please contact us for details. Finance is arranged by third party providers and is subject to status.

Fits all 2011-2016 R60 Countryman & R61 Paceman Models - Contact us to have this item fitted in our workshop

MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS: Manual transmissions transfer vibration more than automatic transmissions and may cause a light but noticeable vibration in the steering wheel. This vibration is caused by the CV joints running at a higher angle than original. After a period of time (1000 miles +/-) the CV joints will run-in and seat themselves at the new driveline angles and the vibrations will diminish. Refunds will be not issued for vibration in the steering wheel. Most cars will require 12mm wheel spacers (not included in kit).

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